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Barbaresco travel guide – Where to Sleep, Eat, and Drink

Posted on: Jul 04 2017

In the area of Barbaresco here are my stomping grounds. Barbaresco is made up of 3 villages Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso, and a fraction of Alba called San Rocco Seno d’Elvio, a longer name I don’t know could be possible. But if you stay in these parts long enough you might hear a story or two about the Roman Emperor who was born in San Rocco that later have named this fraction of Alba after Emperor Elvio Pertinace.

Roman vineyard in Barbaresco

Poderi Colla is a cantina with a lot of history and fantastic Barbaresco and Barolo wines. Located in San Rocco Seno d’Elvio, you will be greeted by one of the family members who speaks wonderful English.

Winery Poderi Colla in Barbaresco

Tino and I in Poderi Colla’s vineyard above their winery.


Where you can find them:

Address: San Rocco Seno d’Elvio 82, 12051 Alba – Cuneo, Italia

Email: info@podericolla.it

Phone: +39 0173 290148


View at La Ciau di Tornavento in Treiso, Barbaresco

The view from the balcony of Caiu di Tornavento

A short drive from Poderi Colla to the highest part of the Barbaresco area the town Treiso.  Here you can find some of the best view points during your travels.  In Treiso there is a very important 1 Michelin starred restaurant calle La Ciau di Tornavento.  You might have heard this name before because they are placed in many magazines for their incredible wine cellar.

Michelin starred dish

Risotto with Saffron and Stracciatella di Buratta

Where you can find them:

Address: Piazza Baracco, 7 – 12050 Treiso – Cuneo, Italia

Email: info@laciaudeltornavento.it

Phone: +39 0173 638 333

Important wine cellar in Treiso, La Ciau di Tornavento

A cute little place to stay that is right next to the restaurant Tornavento is Villa Incanto.  Here they have a wonderful view of the Langhe, equipped with a swimming pool and located in a quite part of the town Treiso.

View from Villa Incanto, Treiso

View from Villa Incanto, Treiso

Where you can find them:

Address:  Via Teodoro Bubbio 8,  Treiso – Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173.63 80 16

Website: http://www.villaincanto.it

Produttori del Barbaresco, vini di lusso

In the town of Barbaresco here it is famous for its Nebbiolo based wines. The Barbaresco wine was given the towns name in 1894 by the professor of the enological school in Alba, Domizio Cavazza.  He was also the founder of today’s famous Produttori del Barbaresco cantina.   This cooperative of Barbaresco is still working and operated by many of the families throughout this area today.  Their tasting room is open 7 days a week and you can hop in without a reservation and taste two of their wonderful wines, Langhe Nebbiolo and their current release of Barbaresco.

Where you can find them:

Address: Via Torino 54, 12050 Barbaresco – Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39  0173 635139

Where traditional Barbaresco is made

Some of the barrels at De Forville, Barbaresco.

A little hidden gem in Barbaresco is the winery De Forville.  The have a small inconspicuous sign out side and if you didn’t know that they were in between Gaja and Produttori del Barbaresco, you might not find them.  They are a winery 6 generations and the family who makes the wines today could not be more passionate and gentile, and the wines are very good too!

Langhe Arneis, Nebbiolo d'Alba, Barbaresco wineWhere you can find them:

Address: Via Torino 44, 12050 Barbaresco – Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173 635140

Email: info@deforville.it

Bubbles from Barolo

Well deserved bottle of local bubbles

If you need a snack and a glass of wine I highly recommend visiting Koki’s Wine Bar in the square.  On a nice day you can sit outside and watch the people walk by.  They have a great selection of wines and small bites.

Where you can find them:

Address: Via Torino 6, 12050 Barbaresco – Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173 635121

Day of closure: Wednesday

Now it is time for my favorite town in Barbaresco, the liveliest town of all and in my maybe bias opinion the most beautiful town in Langhe. Neive.  I live here and I might not want to live anywhere else in the world. Actually the thought of moving to the town next to Neive makes me a bit sad, but there is no room for us here for our projects. (to be revealed later)

Some of my favorite things to do in my little town, first thing is first the little wine shop/aperitivo spot calle Al Nido della Cinciallegra, this cozy little place is basically my second home.  I come here to do my shopping for local products, I am here for a nice glass of wine after a long day, I also call this little place my office as I do most of my writing and emails here. I highly suggest swinging by for a glass of wine and some nice company.

Where you can find them:

Address: Via Giacchino 21, 12052 Neive– Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173 67367

Day of closure: Never

If after your evening aperitivo you are hungry for a plate of pasta, a short walk down the street you will bump into L’Aromatario.  Beatrice and her crew have been studying hard to create the perfect pasta dish, and there you can enjoy some of our classic dishes of the Langhe perfectly composed.  They have a wonderful selection of the local Neive wines to try, and if you are there when it is possible to sit outside they have a great patio overlooking the Alps.

Agnolotti del Plin in vecchia maniera Pinched Ravioli served in the traditional way in a napkin so you can taste how refined the filling and pasta is

Where you can find them:

Address: Piazza Negro 4,  12052 Neive– Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173 677206

Day of closure: Wednesday dinner, all day Thursday

Where to sleep in Neive, there are plenty of places to choose from but one place that has just opened up and has been beautifully restored is Hotel Borgese Camera & Suites.  The young lady running the hotel was once in charge of the tasting at the famous Marchesi di Gresy winery in the heart of Barbaresco, now she is running her own luxury hotel in Neive.

Where you can find them:

Address: Via Circonvallazione, 12052 Neive– Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173 1950170

Website: https://www.hotelborgeseneive.com/it/index.php

Tasting with Fabrizio from Cantina Ressia, Neive

A great winery I recommend to visit is Cantina Ressia in vigna Canova, Neive.  Fabrizio is very proud and passionate about the wines he is making these days and the critics think the same too.  He makes a very interesting dry Moscato as well as a wonderful Barbera d’Alba and Barbaresco.  A small family farm they work only 5 hectare of land and the winery welcome could not be warmer.

Where you can find them:

Address: Via Canova 28,  12052 Neive– Cuneo, Italy

Phone: +39 0173 677305

Day of closure: Reservations are highly recommend as you will be entering Fabrizio’s home and the best way to contact him is by telephone or email at info@ressia.com

You can read more about Ressia here on my blog

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