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Posted on: Jan 23 2016

unnamedBarbaresco 2009 Vie Erte

A small family run winery, with only 7 hectares of vineyards producing 20,000 bottles a year, sisters Silvia and Claudia are rocking out some fantastic wines. As the story goes their father Renato refused to go and try to find work up north in a factory. Instead he decided to follow his heart to work the land that has been in his family for generations and make wine from the traditional grapes of the Langhe area, Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo. Not thinking that his two daughters would follow in his footsteps Renato never invested in buying more land. Making this winery a small, artisanal, boutique winery with exceptional quality to detail and a great representation of it’s terrior.

Vie Erte coming from the Bricco di Neive vineyard which will be the hill on the other side who is facing their famous Serraboella vineyard. Vie Erte is a term in Piemontese meaning steep slope and they are taking the grapes from the higher part of the vineyard about 350 meters about sea level.

The 2009 was a bit young, but the fruit just bursts out of the glass and was a wine very easy to enjoy with our grilled steak and lentils. The vines in this wine are a bit younger making the tannins and fruit a lot more enjoyable. For this vintage there tends to be a nervousness in the tannins that I think will settle with time, but again even at it’s youth I found this wine highly enjoyable.

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