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Rocche Dei Manzoni has entered a new faze

Posted on: Jan 30 2016


Rocche Dei Manzoni

2010 Barolo Vigna Cappella di Santo Stefano – Perno


For me Rocche dei Manzoni has been one of my favorite sparkling wineries in Piemonte. And for many years I have enjoyed their Brut Zero and still do today. A sparkling made in the way of Champagne, and is vivacious, very drinkable and will pair well with most foods or even by itself.

However I have not really ever dabbled in their red wines, I know a shame. But I think it is because of their reputation of really liking some oak influence in their wines. Which for me when drinking Nebbiolo I personally want to taste the fruit and terrior not so much the oak and other things. Rumor has it that they have switched winemakers and now have one with a lighter hand in the cellar. This for me was good news.

Inside of the area of Monforte d’Alba you have a fraction called Perno. If ever in the area you must stop to have a bite at Ristorante Repubblica di Perno. But in this district there are a few vineyards the most well known being Perno, within this vineyard Rocche dei Manzoni have a parcel they call Cappella di Santo Stefano. Given it’s name from the ancient Roman chapel located on the vineyard that is dating back to the twelfth century. Santo Stefano is taking its name from whom the chapel was dedicated to St. Steven.

So with all that we gave the 2010 a try, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. On the nose there was a wonderful bouquet of fruits ripe cherries, blueberries, and violets. This was the first impression right after the bottle was open. It was not shut down, not hiding. As the bottle progressed we you noticed this was had the power strength and structure typical of Monforte Barolo’s. Wild fruits, chocolate, velvety tannins it really was the right choice for our lunch.

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