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The Queen of Barolo Chiara Boschis

Posted on: Feb 20 2016


E. Pira Chiara Boschis

Barolo 2002 Cuvee Chiara

This was a gift from Chiara, and a very good one at that!

I don’t know how many of you actually have met or know Chiara, but there is no one with her energy, rambunctiousness, or passion. She is definitely a spark of energy and great inspiration. Being one of the first women to take on a task of running a winery in Barolo, Chiara is a very important part of how Barolo became what it is today.   She was also the only woman to be a part of the modernist movement “Barolo Boys”. Working only 6 hectares and producing a small quantity of bottles Chiara is able to really have a good eye on quality control over the whole process.

I have to say it has been fun that we have been tasting some difficult vintages lately because it helps to show who can swim and who will sink. Chiara in 2002 was the wine of the night and as the judging panel had said that hands down from the Piedmont area the Cuvee Chiara 2002 was the best 2002 they have ever had. Now we are tasting this wine in 2016 giving it 14 years of age. This says a lot for a wine who had such a horrible vintage, with all the rain and particularly hail in the Barolo area a lot of producers didn’t even think or have the courage to make a Barolo in that year.

Right off the bad this wine was fresh super fresh, black fruits, herbs, chocolate. In tasting the finish lingered on the pallet and the tannins were again right there, fresh, clean. WOW! As it continued to sit in the bottle the wine continued to get better. It was too bad that we didn’t wait another 5 years because this wine really had the potential to continue to age wonderfully.   And what a surprise that would have been. Thank you Chiara.


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