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Top 10 Places to visit in Barolo – Where to sleep eat and drink

Posted on: Jun 05 2016

The wine region Barolo is made up of eleven different villages, in which only three are entirely inside the Barolo boundaries. 

1. La Morra

La Morra the highest peak in the area of Barolo, reaching about 550 meters above sea level the views from this hill top town are breath taking. From here you can see all the castles and towers in Barolo, important Barolo vineyards, and on a clear day even the Alps.

Cappella delle Brunate La Morra – up up up narrow and windy streets through vineyards through hazelnut groves to find this little colorful treasure. Painted and designed by Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett it is a little piece of art and culture Surrounded by Barolo vineyards.  When the family Ceretto bought 6 hectar in the famous Brunate vineyard they had also acquired the SS. Madonna delle Graze Cappella and due to their love for the arts, they had sponsored these two artists to come and paint this church how they saw fit. 

La Morra:

Where to sleep: Corte Gondina

This cozy bed and breakfast has really nailed down all the small details for one’s comforts. Located in the center of the historic village of La Morra where you are walking distance to great restaurants and Enoteca’s.

Where to have a coffee and croissant: Mangè h

This place opens early and will be bustling with the locals to grab their morning cup of Joe and a small sweet bite to eat. Freshly made cakes and pastries are a perfect breakfast treat. 

Where to eat: Osteria Veglio

Reservations weeks in advanced is a must, this restaurant has been open for a few years and is gaining popularity more and more every year. The food is traditional, flavorful, and amazing. 

Winery visit: Elio Altare

This winery visit needs a reservation, and is one of the harder ones to get into, but I wanted to place this on the list as Silvia not only is doing an amazing job filling her fathers shoes but the family story about how a group of youngsters changed the Langhe forever is a very important piece of history that needs to be told. More about this winery here.

Because there are too many wonderful wineries in La Morra I could not pick just one: Oddero

Five generations making amazing world class wines. Their story and the tradition that they have captured within their winery visit is a must, and they have some of the biggest barrels I have ever seen. Make the splurge and ask to do their Barolo tasting where you can see side by side several different vineyards coming from different villages in Barolo. More about this winery here. 

2. Barolo

In the small town of Barolo, the heart of the Barolo winemaking area, a walk around the Barolo Castel where Marchesa Juliette Colbert Falletti (the first woman behind Barolo) is a must. From the Castel area you can see the tower of Castiglione Falletto, and the famous Cannubi vineyard. Don’t forget to take a pitstop into the Enoteca Regionale di Barolo (the regional Barolo wine shop) located in the Castel of Barolo here you can taste over 20 different Barolo producers coming from every part of region and is divided by soil type so you can understand how Nebbiolo changes from place to place.

Barolo village:

Where to sleep: Easy Così

This charming, small boutique bed and breakfast is located in the heart of the village of Barolo. Great location and very friendly staff. 

Where to eat: Il Buon Padre

A family owned and operated winery + restaurant. If you would like one of the best examples of Tajarin then you must try their hand cut Tajarin with ragù or butter and white truffle when in season. I love when the pasta is cut by hand because no two pasta are the same!

Where to drink: La Vite Turchese

This super hip Enoteca is a great place to relax and grab a drink or if you have some time and want to get educated in depth of the wines coming from Barolo area. Stefano and Elisabetta have put together a Barolo Masterclass that is something well worth taking a look at. 

Winery visit: Bric Cencurio

This small family owned and operated winery is conveniently located in the center of the Barolo village. A very accommodating family, with just a quick email and you will be welcomed in with open arms. 

3. Serralunga d’Alba / Sinio

The perfectly intact walled medieval town of Serralunga d’Alba, a castle with represents a unique time period in Piedmont architecture in a time where the French were particularly influential. A visit to this castle is a must!:

Serralunga d’Alba

Where to sleep: One of my favorite hotels in the area, is in a castle in the neighboring town to Serralunga d’Alba, called Sinio. Castello di Sinio a small Luxury hotel comes equipped with the best hospitality in the area, a restaurant with fantastic food and an amazing wine list, another great touch is they have a pool!

Where to eat: Osteria Tre Case h

Two young and passionate entrepreneurs in love with food, wine, and, traditions of the Langhe. A cozy and quaint restaurant very warm and modernly decorated. I highly recommend making a reservation ahead of time for this restaurant as seating is limited. 

Winery visit: Massolino h

A very historic and traditional cellar, going back over 100 years of history. This winery in particular gives a very good and educational visit about the land, its territory, the history, and the wine making process. The wines are good too. 

4. Castiglione Falletto

A sleepy little town, that is kind of a hidden gem. Where some of the greatest vineyard site in Barolo are located. Here being located in the center of the Barolo area you have a great mixture of the influences of La Morra and Serralunga/Monforte in the wines. Power and Elegance. 

Castiglione Falletto

Where to eat and drink!: Cantina Comunale Produttori di Castiglione Falletto. Here you can start off with an in-depth Barolo tasting and finish with a wonderful typical lunch on one of the most beautiful patios in Barolo.

Winery visit: Azelia h

Another small and family run winery, who are taking their skills to the next level. The 5th generation Lorenzo is very accommodating and when he is not out traveling the world is very happy to welcome curious tasters in to talk about his wines.

5. Monforte d’Alba

In the historical part of Monforte d’Alba they host Jazz festivals every summer in the Roman built amphitheater.  Located outside you can bring with you a bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy the outside ambient and some live music.

Monforte d’Alba

Where to sleep: Hotel Villa Beccaris h

This hotel is in probably the best spot of Barolo, on the top of the historic center of the village Monforte d’Alba you will have some of the most incredible views of the snow covered Alps and the rolling hills of the Langhe. 

Where to eat: Trattoria della Posta h

Probably one of the most written about restaurants in Monforte d’Alba and it merits its compliments. Very traditional cuisine done right with a Monforte d’Alba heavy wine list. 

Winery visit: Conterno Fantino h

This is hard to say but could be one of the most architecturally pleasing wineries I have been to. The views from the winery are amazing, and the visit very friendly and informative, if you have the chance to be shown around by one of the family members or their wonderful tasting room assistant Claudio you are in very good hands. 

6. Novello

Hike through the vineyards – Novello to Monforte d’Alba to Barolo. I recommend asking your hotel for a map of the vineyard trails, and if you plan to do this whole tap it will take a good day to do so.  Make sure you stop in each village to enjoy the views and have a glass of wine or maybe a bite if hunger strikes. 

Where to drink:Vineria La Nas-Cëtta h

A quaint little Vineria located right in the historic center of Novello, outside of the Castel walls. If you can grab a seat outside to enjoy the views of the rolling hills in Barolo. 

Winery visit: Elvio Cogno h

This winery is a great visit, as for one; their Barolo wines are amthey have a very important history of bringing back an almost extinct grape Nascetta. 

7. Verduno

You must have a meal at  a Trattoria and there is one in this town worth visiting. After a quick stop to the view point to get another great view of the Barolo area. If time permits here is a nice spot where you can lie on the grass and take a nap after lunch. 

Where to eat: Trattoria dai Bercau in Verduno another one of the most beautiful villages in Barolo. Here are two brothers who own and operate this wonderful Trattoria. And they are crazy for Pelavera (a native grape varietal to this area, and one of the only places it is grown). At this wonderful and classic Trattoria you are taken in like family, that it is really not to be missed.  You will have a really great time here, trust me! And make sure you go there really hungry.  c

Where to drink:Casa Ciabotto

In Verduno the king grape here is Pelaverga a wine with aphrodisiac powers. If this theory really works, we will never know 😉 But you can ask for a tasting of 3 different styles of Pelaverga here. 

8. Diano d’Alba

Diano d’Alba has two major wine designations going for them. They are a small part of the Barolo wine area and they also have a very special designation for Dolcetto.

In the center of Diano d’Alba there is a wonderful viewpoint/park with a 360° view of all the Barolo winemaking areas.

Where to taste/drink:Cantina Comunale I Sorì di Diano d’Alba h

Here you can enjoy a tasting or a glass or two of Barolo and Dolcetto di Diano. Located in a historic building with a beautiful outside area overlooking some of the Barolo vineyards. 

9. Grinzane Cavour

Castle Grinzane Cavour – This castle beautiful to visit but the historical importance to not only for the wine Barolo but the union of Italy.  This castle was once the home to Camillio Benso Conte di Cavour who was an Italian statesman and the leading figure in the movement toward a United Italy.   He was also the founder of the original Liberal Party and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Piemonte-Sardegna.

his castle beautiful to visit but the historical importance to not only for the wine Barolo but the union of Italy.  This castle was once the home to Camillio Benso Conte di Cavour who was an Italian statesman and the leading figure in the movement toward a United Italy.   He was also the founder of the original Liberal Party and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Piemonte-Sardegna.

Where to eat: La Tagliata Brasserie

If you like steak, if you like things cooked over fire, THIS IS YOUR PLACE. Great for larger groups where you can taste all the different cuts of meat that are offered. Don’t expect to find any veggies on this menu it is all meat and maybe a potato. 

10. Cherasco

Home of the snails (lumache) here you can find plenty of snails on menu’s and also in many of the spa’s used as beauty treatments. Here the beautiful medieval town of Cherasco was once where Napoleon rested his head for a night. Cherasco is also the smallest land area located inside of the Barolo area a total of 5 hectar. 

Where to sleep: Hotel Somaschi Monastero di Cherasco

Located in a historic Monastery where class and luxury come together. Located in the heart of the town you are walking distance to everything Cherasco has to offer. 

Where to eat: Ristorante Da Francesco

If you are thinking to treat yourself head over to this one Michelin starred restaurant for an amazing and classic meal.

Keep in mind you can experience Barolo better by hiring a guide.  The best way to see and do everything in one day epically since it is easy to get lost on these windy streets is to hire a guide.  When you hire a guide they can help you plan the best how to organize your day.  In this region there are many private guides who will work with you to customize the perfect day for you.

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