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Top 10 – Things to do in Barolo

Posted on: Jun 05 2016

Some must see’s in the Barolo area of Northern Piedmont

  1.  1.  La Morra the highest peak in the area of Barolo, reaching about 550 meters above sea level the views from this hill top town are breath taking. When you get the top of this town there is a map that point to all the Castles and towns in the area as far as the eye can see. Make sure you go on a clear day!

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  2. 2.  Enoteca Regionale di Barolo – located in the Castel of Barolo here you can taste over 20 different Barolo producers coming from every part of region and is divided by soil type so you can understand how Nebbiolo changes from place to place.
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  1. 3.  Castle in Serralunga – this castle was built in 12th century for the Falletti family. Today you are able to visit this castle and enjoy the architecture and also the beautiful views.



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  1. 4. Visit a winery – with over 500 wineries to choose from you can defiantly get you fill of a wineries to visit. One winery I suggest to visit Fontanafredda, I personally am not a fan of bigger wineries but I will say the story and history that has been kept intact for over 150 years is amazing and wonderfully maintained at this facility. The tour gives you a great understanding of the history of the area and also explains the link between Torino and Barolo. Reservations are recommended and this winery is very easy to get to.


  1. 5.  Historical part of Monforte d’Alba Jazz festivals – in Monforte there is an outside Roman style theater that is used today to host it’s summer Jazz festivals. Located outside you can bring with you a bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy the outside ambient and some live music.


  1. 6.  Hike through the vineyards – You can choose if you would like to do a hike in a couple of hours or a whole day.
  2. Barolo to Monforte d’Alba to Novello: I recommend asking your hotel for a map of the vineyard trails, and if you plan to do this whole tap it will take a good day to do so. Make sure you stop in each village, enjoy the views and have a glass of wine or maybe a bite if you are in time.



  1. 7.  Have a meal at a Trattoria – Trattoria dai Bercau Verduno two brothers who own and operate this wonderful Trattoria. One thing is you must visit Verduno because it is an absolutely beautiful village, have a glass of Pelavera (a native grape varietal to this area, and one of the only places it is grown) and Two you eat so wonderful and classic at this Trattoria that it is really not to be missed. You will have a really great time here, trust me!


  1. 8.  Hire a guide – the best way to see and do everything in one day epically since it is easy to get lost on these windy streets is to hire a guide. When you hire a guide they can help you plan the best how to organize your day. In this region there are many private guides who will work with you to customize the perfect day for you.


  1. IMG_28579.  Castle Grinzane Cavour – Not only is this castle beautiful to visit but the historical importance to not only for the wine Barolo but the union of Italy. This castle was once the home to Camillio Benso Conte di Cavour who was an Italian statesman and the leading figure in the movement toward a United Italy.  He was also the founder of the original Liberal Party and Prime Ministe of the Kindom of Piemonte-Sardegna.


  1. 10.  Cappella delle Brunate La Morra – up up up narrow and windy streets through vineyards through hazelnut groves to find this little colorful treasure. Painted and designed by Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett it is a little piece of art and culture in the middle of the vineyards. When the family Ceretto bought 6 hectar in the famous Brunate vineyard they had also acquired the SS. Madonall delle Graze and due to their love for the arts, they have sponsored these two artists to come and paint this Cappella.
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