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Custom Wine Tours in Piedmont: Wine, Food, and Adventures

Come with us to explore Barbaresco, Barolo, Roero, Alta Langa, Asti and Alba, through wine, food and stunning panoramas

Piedmont Wine Tours

What we offer

We are specialized in wine tours, food tours, and wine tastings in the areas of Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. Allow us to help you see the sights and understand better the history, culture, and the language of this beautiful part of Italy. Our custom wine tours include culture and wine education, cooking and wine classes, trips to historical towns, breathtaking vistas, and a selection of local wineries and restaurants to taste the typical flavors of Piedmont. One day wine tours or multiple day tours of your own choice.
On Top Of the Langhe: Ask us about our helicopter tour options. Max 4 people.

Culture and Wine Education

We will show you first hand how great winemakers through centuries of knowledge produce priceless wine, while we discuss the differences between the wine regions Barolo and Barbaresco and how the soil structures differ in each vineyard, the recent wine movements, and the ever-changing weather pattern and how this is effecting the wines today.

Cooking and Wine Classes

We can set it up to work in locals’ kitchens for a day to learn the art of the pasta, and some of the traditional dishes of the area. The cooking and wine classes are a wonderful way to delve into the local culture and habits.

Historical Towns and Vistas

Let us take you through the beautiful Barolo, Barbaresco, and Langhe hills to discover the medieval castles and towns, while enjoying the unique vistas and panoramas full of vineyards, woods and unsoiled nature part of the UNESCO world heritage.

We can select the best wineries and restaurants to give you the opportunity to taste local dishes cooked by the top-rated Chefs that strongly contributed to the excellent reputation of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, while tasting the best wines Piedmont has to offer.