La Vita Turchese - Wine Tasting in Barolo

I think taking some time out to taste your way through the Barolo and Barbaresco hills is quite important. I always love a good winery visit but sometimes I want more options, or to have the opportunity to taste more producers at one time. This is always a great way to do a comparative tasting, but you can’t get this at a winery stop. SO…. I always like to suggest an Enoteca visit. One of my favorite (and there are of course a few) is in Barolo, La Vita Turchese. Where you will not only be greeted with an overwhelming amount of great Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, and of course Champagne choices, but there are also the most enthusiast and knowledgeable people who run this place. Stefano, and Elisabetta. This dream team will not only educate you on the wines and foods of this region but also entertain you with some wonderful stories, and a little bit of insider knowledge (gossip) about the producers.

We have worked together to offer you some quite unique and special tastings. These tastings are not for everyone so you must ask about them when you get there.

They are:

Amanda’s Cheat Sheet!

You guessed it! I am trying to simplify this area in the best possible way, and yes it is a tough job.

What you will taste on this lineup are:

Arneis (Roero vs Langhe)

Dolcetto (Diano d’Alba vs Dogliani)

Barbera (Asti vs Alba)

Nebbiolo (Langhe vs Alba)ù

Big Guns Nebbiolo (Barbaresco vs Barolo)

This tasting of 10 wines of half glasses costs €45 per person

This is a great tasting as you will have the opportunity to taste the important grapes of the area and to have a comparison tasting which will allow you to see the differences in the zones.


This is a fun and flirty tasting of the Langhe and Monferrato’s most unknown but very lovable wines.

Your choice for one white wine of: Favorita or Nascetta or Timorasso

Then you will get to taste one example of:




This tasting of 4 wines of full glasses costs €18 per person

This is a great tasting as you will get to try some varietals you might never have heard of. These wines for me are the unground rock stars of the area, and they are slowly becoming more and more popular amongst wine lovers all over the world.

Wine Adventures for Wine Lovers

This tasting gives you more freedom to try the things you love.

Tasting option 1:

The different shades of Nebbiolo, 3 DOCG’s to compare:

1 Roero DOCG + 1 Barbaresco DOCG + 1 Barolo DOCG

Half glass tasting of these 3 wines €17.00 per person

Tasting option 2:

The wine making makes a difference.

Roero DOCG vs Roero Riserva DOCG

Barbaresco old school vs Barbaresco new school

Barolo old school vs Barolo new school

Half glass tasting of these 6 wines €25.00 per person

Tasting option 3:

1 Barbaresco Single vineyard + 2 Barolo Single vineyard

1 Barbaresco coming from a top producer

1 Barolo coming from a top producer

Half glass tasting of these 5 wines €65.00 per person