Piedmont Cookery Classes

Ever want to spend the day along side an Italian Grandmother in her home kitchen? Learning the secrets of the traditional Piedmont cuisine while talking about the days when they were young and how much has changed. Now you can, and I know the warmest and most charming Grandmothers in the Langhe area. 

We will start the day by going to one of the local markets to buy some fresh ingredients or right in Grandma’s back yard, where we will pick fresh from her garden the vegetables in season or check in on the chicken coop for the freshest eggs to make our pasta.

Continuing on to the kitchen "cucina" where you will learn how to prepare some of the local dishes of the Langhe(Piemonte) followed by a lunch of our creations paired with local wine. 

Piedmont is home to the Slow Food movement, it actually stared in the town of Bra in the 1990’s. Today Slow Food has become internationally recognized for its protection of almost forgotten cooking techniques and food products. With my cooking class you will discover first hand from a woman who has been cooking in her home kitchen for over 60 years. Who you will not believe how fast she can pump out a kilogram of pasta and watching her fingers move as if they were butter in harmony with the perfectly malleable dough. It is quite an amazing experience. 

Hands on Cooking Classes

Some things you will make

Antipasti | Appetizers

  • Frittata alle Erbe - Omelette with fresh herbs

  • Cipolle Ripiene - Baked Stuffed Onions

  • Flan di Porri or Flan di Cardo - Leek Flan or Cardoon Flan

  • Vitello Tonnato - Roast Beef with Tuna Sauce (its amazing)

  • Carne Cruda - Typical Beef Tartar

Primi | Pasta

  • Tajarin con Ragù alle Piemontese - Tagliatelle with typical Piemontese Ragu

  • Agnolotti del Plin - Pinched Ravioli filled with Meat

  • Agnolotti al Magro - Pinched Ravioli filled with Sheese and Spinach

  • Gnocchi - Potato Dumpling

  • Risotto al Vino - Risotto cooked in wine

Secondi | Main Course

  • Brasato al Vino - Braised Beef in Wine

  • Bagna Cauda con Verdure - Typical Garlic and Anchovy dip with seasonal vegetables and lots of Barbera

  • Salsiccia al Vino - Sausage cooked in wine

  • Quaglia con Farcito di Salsiccia - Sausage Stuffed Quail wrapped in Bacon

  • Rollato di Coniglio - Stuffed Rolled Rabbit

Dolce | Dessert

  • Torta di Nocciole - Typical flourless Hazelnut Cake

  • Zabaione al Moscato - Zabaione with Moscato Wine

  • Panna Cotta

  • Bunet - Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding/Custard

  • Crostata - Pie with fruit filling

Wine Tasting while you Cook

With every course we will offer an array of wines to taste while you are cooking up a storm. These wines will be paired with salame or cheeses from the area, and will also be paired during your meal that you have prepared.

With the wines will come a light explanation of the producer the grapes, and if you would like we can even practice out tasting skills.

Want to learn the art of Pasta?

The cookery class includes lunch paired with wine, recipes to be emailed to you, and a half of a day history, culture, food and wine course.

For these course Minimum of 2 people.


Cooking Class Activities

  • Collecting Chicken Eggs

  • Wine Pairing

  • Typical Long Lunch

  • Pasta Making

  • Transportation

  • Market Visit

  • Truffle Tasting

    and more…

Your Langhe Cooking experience is waiting.

Let me plan your next adventure in Langhe learning the almost forgotten tips and tricks for making the perfect Tajarin.