Oddero made the night!



Barolo 2007 Bussia Soprana Vigna Monoca

From my last visit to Oddero I have to say that I was very impressed by the wide tasting range that we lucked out to arrive upon.   Oddero is situated in La Morra and I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of vineyard diversity in their lineup. Normally Vintners don’t travel too far from their home but the sister team Mariacristina and Mariavittoria along with their daughter Isabella have taken a risk with careful planning, of course. They have vineyard holdings in some of the most renowned cru’s in Barolo making them a power house for success.

Bussia Sporana is a vineyard located in the area of Monforte d’Alba, this vineyard name you will find on many labels but who is responsible for making it famous is Poderi Aldo Conterno. In Monforte they were not afraid to make some of their cru’s out of site gigantic so the sub classification of Soprana (meaning top) and Vigna Monoca helping to give it some place on the map.

This bottle was going to be served at Christmas and I needed something special and it was one of the two top wines of the night (the other I will write later). With the help of Marta who convinced me that the 2007 was exactly the vintage and wine that would be best for such an occasion. I took the risk, typically I'm not a huge fan of 2007 vintage the wines tend to be a bit flabby and over ripe. However not in this case the wine was fresh, tannins were present but not overpowering, with hints of tobacco and chocolate. Made for the wine of the night and my guests seemed to be very pleased!!