A Three-Day Stay in Turin for Foodies

If you are fulfilling that Foodie dream of visiting the Piedmont to taste fantastic Barolos or Barbarescos on-site, or perhaps you are lucky enough to be in that delightful region learning about its famed, regional star, the Alba white truffle, make sure to add a trip to Turin to complement your experience.

As a food lover, I am happy to suggest foodie options nearby the must-see places in Turin. Here is a guideline for a three-day, foodie visit in the splendid, unpresuming, Piedmontese capital.

Note that I have nicknamed each day according to the day’s highlight. I recommend that you assign, at least, half a day for that main activity. You will see that everything is within walking distance, and you can go at your own pace. Undertake the days in whichever order you prefer--just check the opening hours.

Turin is the cradle of the Slow Food movement; so, get in that laid-back mood and don’t rush. The best way to enjoy Turin like a local is to take a break, whenever possible, at the next café or gelateria

Day “ ROYAL”:

Get to the heart of the House of Savoy, Italy’s royal family.

Highlights (both at Piazza Castello):

· Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) – Hosts the Royal Museums. (closed Mon)

· Palazzo Madama (Madama Palace) – Hosts the Museum of Ancient Art. (closed Tue)

· Reale Chiesa di San Lorenzo (Royal Church of Saint Lorence) – Admire its beautiful dome by Guarini.


· Duomo di San Giovanni – Here is where the Schroud is kept. Note that it is usually not on display. The Duomo is located adjacent to the Palazzo Reale.

· Porta Palatina (Palatine Gate/Towers) – Standing from Roman times, this was the main gate to access the city from the north, as well described here by Rome Across Europe.

Foodie Tips:

· Caffè al Bicerin (1763) – Birthplace of the bicerin, a coffee-chocolate-cream drink, considered a traditional Turinese specialty. (closed Wed)

· Mercato di Porta Palazzo – With over 1,000 stalls is one of the largest and oldest, fresh produce markets in Europe. (closed Sun)

· Pastis – A casual place to pop by at any time from breakfast to dinner, or just for a coffee or an aperitif. After all, the aperitif was invented in Turin in 1786. (open daily) / At the Carpano Museum you can learn more about this story.

· Tre Galli – A winebar/restaurant in the Quadrilatero, featuring 1,200 labels! (closed Sun)

· Tre Galline – This traditional restaurant of fantastic, Piedmontese cuisine is just a few steps (2-min walk) from Tre Galli. (open daily)

Day “EGYPT”:

You will find this weird, but in the historic center of Turin it is possible to submerge yourself in the ancient, Egyptian culture like nowhere else …


· Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) – It is the oldest Egyptian museum and the second largest of its kind (after Cairo) in the world. You will be astonished with the amazing collection. These guys were foodies! (open daily)

Interesting: · Palazzo Carignano - Hosts the National Museum of the Italian Unification (Risorgimento) at Piazza Carignano. (closed Mon)

Foodie Tips:

· Bar Abrate (1866) – Another historic place that has maintained its traditional charm but has adopted some coolness at the same time. Great panini. (open daily)


· Caffè Baratti & Milano (1858) – One of those gorgeous, historic cafés not to be missed. It is located in the beautiful Galleria Subalpina. A good place to try delicate pastry and gianduiotti. (closed Mon)


· Caffé Mulassano – Another historic café, inventors of the tramezzino (triangular sandwich). (closed Wed)

· Del Cambio Ristorante (1757), Bar Cavour, and La Farmacia – Certainly, this is THE restaurant to experience fine-dining in Turin (closed Mon). Its Bar Cavour and La Farmacia (both open daily) are also good options for drinks or for something more informal but still refined. The three at Piazza Carignano.

· Gelati Pepino (1884) – The inventors of the Pinguino® (Penguin), the ice cream served on a stick covered with chocolate. Their ice cream is excellent, and the place is also nice to enjoy an aperitif. (open daily)

· La Romana (1947) – They have already established a large chain of ice cream shops, not only in Italy but also in Austria and Spain. With four parlors in Turin, their newest is conveniently located very close to Piazza San Carlo at via Santa Teresa 6. The ice creams are delicious. (open daily)


No, you are not visiting Turin to go to the movies. It has much more to offer! The Mole Antonelliana, its landmark and symbol, hosts a very interesting museum ...

Highlight: · Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum). (closed Tue)

Foodie Tips:

· AgriSalumeria Luiset – A great tip from the Tastes of Carolina! If you are a salami lover, don’t miss this excellent salumeria. (open daily, Sun only am)


· Bar Mokita, Caffè San Carlo (1822), Caffè Torino (1903) - All at Piazza San Carlo, good stops for a coffee or aperitif. (open daily)

· Contesto Alimentare – A urban trattoria, as they defined themselves, that respects traditions, seasons, and the region.

· Eataly Lagrange – In 2007 the concept brand Eataly was born in Turin. You can find one of its shops in pedestrian Via Lagrange. (open daily)

· L’Essenza del Gelato – One of my favorite for artisanal ice cream. (open daily)

· Pastificio Defilippis (1872) – In-house elaborated fresh and dried pasta. Indulged at their restaurant or take some home. (restaurant opens daily / pasta shop Mon closed)

If you still have some time …

Check these three in the San Salvario district:

· Dai Saletta – If you are looking for that typical, Italian restaurant with checkered tablecloths, where it seems that the nonna is serving you her Piedmontese dishes, this is the place. (Sun closed)

· Mara dei Boschi – This fabulous artisanal gelateria was shown to me by Amanda and Carolina, two bloggers, who are food/wine experts on Piedmont! (open daily)

· Orso Laboratorio Caffè – Just next door to Mara dei Boschi. A special place to enjoy a good coffee. You can choose not only the beans origin but also the way you prefer the barista to prepare your cup. They can brew coffee in eight different ways. (open daily)

Get lost, strolling around its streets, squares, and 18 km of arcades. You will fall in love.

For some shopping, walk Via Roma (between Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Felice).


Upcoming foodie events in Turin:

· Una Mole di Colombe e Cioccolato, 17-18.Mar.2018

· Turin Epicurean Capital, 20-22.Jun.2018

· Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, 20-24.Sep.2018

· 88 International Alba White Truffle Fair, 6.Oct-25.Nov.2018

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